Privately Owned Houses for Rent in Winston Salem NC: the Small and the Bigger Ones

If you plan on renting living space to stay for a while, there is more than one option you can be sure to choose out there. Of course, you will have to go more specific as to where you want the house you will need to live in. If you need one in Winston, we have two examples of privately owned houses for rent in Winston Salem NC here. Let’s see below then. private owners Raleigh NC rented houses

2406 Jefferson Ave, Winston Salem, NC 27103

The first rented home we have here has quite simple look on it. It is a single family home with rectangular structure and sloping roof. Its design includes two glass windows, one glass door protected by porch in the middle, and chimney on the ceiling. You know it now just how simple it is. That being said, it still has nice look on it with some colors on.

There is deep gray for the roof, light gray for the walls, and some white details included. Built on 896 square feet of land, this rented Winston-Salem house that is privately owned blends well with natural surroundings that have yellow-green trees and tall plants, bushes, paved stone path, and lawn. Then, just what can we expect from this kind of homes?

There are many things that it covers, actually. The first kind of privately owned houses for rent in Winston Salem NC we have here is one that comes mainly with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living and dining rooms, hardwood floors, gas heat, deck, and large back yard. There are forced air heating, central cooling, and even in-unit laundry that it offers to you.

What’s more? The owner of the house allows the tenants to keep pets, like cats, large dogs, and small dogs while you live there. With all of these things to obtain from one home, how much do you think its rental cost would be? Rest assured for this beautiful living space is offered for around $845 per month only. It sure is very reasonable and excellent price to offer.

privately owned houses for rent in Winston Salem NC

3324 Arlington Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27103

Do you want bigger space with natural surroundings too? If that is the case then, this Winston-Salem NC privately owned house for rent is the choice for you. Surrounded by green tall trees with green lawn on the ground, this home is built to be spacious with its structure designed in vertical way. With light brown roof and deep brown walls, it matches nature perfectly.

Added with white details on the glass windows, wooden door, and terrace fence, this privately owned home in Winston-Salem for rent gives heart-warming feeling even before you enter the building. Built on 936 square feet of land, you will have more than enough space to live in or even to play or do anything outside the house. What’s more to get?

Inside the home, there are one bathroom and two bedrooms for you to use. There are the bungalow, single garage, and unfinished basement as well. Even for the single family, you get vast ground to live in, work in, and play in. There is no way that you won’t get the best experience of staying ever in Winston if you choose this home here. How much does it cost then?

Speaking about the rental cost of this kind of privately owned houses for rent in Winston Salem NC, you might think that it will cost you more than you expect it to be. However, this home is rented for around $750 only per month. See? You don’t have to pay much for a pleasant stay in NC.

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