Private Owners Renting Houses in Raleigh NC: the Decent Ones to Make Your Choice

Renting places to stay has always been the best thing to do if you ever want to live somewhere else for a short period of time. If you actually plan on doing so though, we suggest you to make some considerations before you make your final choice. Let us tell you two private owners renting houses in Raleigh NC to consider here. They would make decent options to choose worth just every penny.

private owners Raleigh NC rented houses

5716 Keowee Way, Raleigh, NC 27616

If you are looking for nice-looking home for single family, you have to consider this one here. Coming with as vast as 2,235 square feet of land, you get 2-story home building with the biggest front doors for the garage and the smaller main door next to it but rather behind. The main door has small garden with green bushes, red pebbles, and paved stone path leading to it. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Renting houses in Raleigh from private owners like this would make excellent deal you should not miss. With light and deep cream colors with black tones in its exterior, you get to match the building perfectly with its surroundings. How about its interior then? Sure, the house has been prepared to meet your living needs by including beds and baths.

You get 2.5 baths to use with 4 beds to sleep in as well. For rather bigger family member, this kind of private owners renting houses in Raleigh NC would be great to make your choice. It has cooling available to offer, while it provides forced air for the heating. Can we keep pets while living there? Sure, many people would want to have them around.

However, not all homes that are rented to people allow the tenants to keep animals in. You don’t have to worry though. You can keep both cats and dogs whether they are small or large ones in this home we have here. With rental cost around $1,775 per month, this home makes perfect living space to make the best experience of stay possible.

private owners renting houses in Raleigh NC

1200 Stone Creek Way, Raleigh, NC 27615

Are you longing to spend some days of living in pleasant place surrounded by nature? If that is the case with you, you have to consider this second home we have here. This option of private owners Raleigh NC rented houses actually has simple home structure with chimney. However, it is designed with sideways stripes pattern of light turquoise on its exterior.

Not to mention, you get the home with many glass windows. Most of them are vertically long, but there are some of them which have the shape following the sideways roof line. Coming with 1,806 square feet of land, this rented home by private owners in Raleigh was built in the middle of rich nature with many thin but green trees. It is not only that, of course.

The home is also surrounded by small green bushes and plants, and even green lawn as well. It sure is all-natural looking home to live in. If you have a car, you can park it off street. There is forced air for the heating it offers too. These should be more than enough to give you pleasant feel of living in different and new place. How much does it cost anyway?

Well, with everything it has to offer, this home can’t be so cheap. However, you don’t have to worry that much for it won’t be too expensive either. This kind of private owners renting houses in Raleigh NC is actually rented for with rental cost around $1,600 per month. It is even cheaper than the first.

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