Packing Peanuts Home Depot: the Peanut-Like Things to Help Packaging and Shipping

Did you plan on shipping something or are you just wondering what packing peanuts Home Depot is? If you want to know more about it, let’s use this chance to discuss it here. This is a product that can come in handy even if you are not sellers who have to send products with the package and ship them. Now, then, let’s just get down to it below.

Home Depot packaging peanuts

What Packaging Peanuts Are Commonly Known

This product we are talking about here actually goes by various names. It might be foam peanuts, Styrofoam popcorn, or even packing noodles. However, just what is this product anyway? Well, going by definition, this product is loose-fill packaging and cushioning material. We are sure that you must have guessed its purpose of use.

Yes, this product is made to prevent any damage that might befall to the fragile items during their shipping. Well, of course, this product is sold everywhere, but you can certainly get it from Home Depot. Home Depot packaging peanuts sure would be of help if you ever have the need of sending fragile items to somewhere far from where you live.

How does it work anyway? Well, every each of them is specially shaped to have the ability to interlock and free flow when compressed and not compressed respectively. That is why packing peanuts Home Depot can offer full protection during shipping. This packaging product we have here is small and pretty much has the look of a peanut.

Usually, it is made of polystyrene foam that is expanded. Measuring from 2 to 3 inches, it has the role as a void filling and cushioning in the packaging. By using this product, there is no need to worry about your fragile items during the shipping. They are protected so that they won’t be broken or anything as such. Your items will arrive safe and sound

.packing peanuts Home Depot

More About the Production of Void Filling Packaging

When it comes to the manufacture of this void filling product, everything starts from when it was first developed and patented by Tektronix Company. Back then, 100% virgin polystyrene resin was used to make the original version of Peanuts product for packaging. However, after a later time, this product has been produced from 100% recycled polystyrene instead.

It was around the mid-90s that this product began to be commercially available and has been so up until now ever since. Packing peanuts for shipping are not made in single color and shape. If you see the color 70% or more to be green, it means that it uses more recycled polystyrene. However, if it is whiter instead, it means that more virgin resin is used.

Well, you might even find the kind of pink color too for it has antistatic agent applied in its making. As for the shape, this product is often made in the form of letter “S” or “W” or number “8”. Due to its durability, this product can be used and reused as many times as possible. That’s the reason you don’t have for you to buy new ones if you have them already.Packing peanuts for shipping

Packing peanuts Home Depot are very useful when we do need some protection so that the fragile items we send won’t be damaged in any way along the way. Surely, you don’t want to disappoint the recipient of your items, right? Better safe than sorry, it would be great if you just use this void filling packaging and cushioning to make them safe and sound.


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