4 Tips of How to Kick a Drug Addict Out of Your House to Consider

Did you live with the addicted person in your home? Surely, this is something unbearable for you, right? One of the ways to solve the problem is by kicking the person out of the house. It might sound harsh, but sometimes things like this are important to do. How to kick a drug addict out of your house then? Let us give you some tips about it here.

how to kick a drug addict out of your house
Tell the Addicted Person that You Love Him/Her

Drug addiction can happen to just anyone dear to you. First, than anything, you should show your love towards the person. You can’t heartlessly kick him/her out just because you can’t bear with him/her anymore. After all, they are still someone related to you. Isn’t that right? What to do then?
Just be patient and don’t let the anger get the better of yourself. Before really kicking the drug addict out of the house, talk to them and say that you love them. Say that you promise you will always be there for them once they are ready to get sober. This should be enough to make them know that there is someone who cares for them.

Say No to Their Demand of Fuelling the Addiction

After you are done talking heart to heart to the addicted person, you need to tell them that you will no longer enable them to feed their addiction. This tip of how to kick a drug addict out of your house must be done with a manner. It will show that you are serious about helping them out.
So, say no to their demand for any drugs and ask them to keep the drugs away from your home. You can confiscate them if they don’t seem to listen and ignore your warning. Doing things like this might be hard. However, it is better than do nothing. At least, you can keep them away from the drugs a little and protect your family and home this way.

Tips of How to Kick a Drug Addict Out of Your House
Make Them Learn the Consequences of Addiction

Of course, saying that you love and care for them then confiscating the drugs won’t be enough things to do. This time, we suggest you make them learn from the consequences of getting addicted. Brace yourself to send the drug addict out of the house for real. This is the critical thing to do.
Without doing so, you won’t be able to show just how serious you are about making them change. Say to them that they can’t live with you any longer until they are willing to sober up. This way of kicking drug addict out of the house might just be the hardest thing to do, indeed. However, sometimes people can realize their mistakes by falling themselves.

Pray to the God for Both of You and the Drug Addict

Now that you have made all efforts you can do to make the addicted person realize his/her faults, it is the time for you to pray to the God. Even prayer has power, you know for the God is the only One you can rely on whenever you have your back against the wall like this. So, be sure not to forget Him.
Pray for your beloved one to find his/her way and leave the drugs in the past. Pray for him to be robust enough to overcome this all. Pray for his/her safety and pray for yourself as well. This is the way of how to kick a drug addict out of your house for his/her good. Give it a try yourself then.

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