Houses for Rent in Delaware with No Credit Check: the Pleasant Townhouses to Live In

Are you looking for the place to stay with your family in Delaware Area? Just what kind of places are you looking for? Should you not what to select, we  recommend you to look for townhouses. Typically homes in town, this kind of houses for rent in Delaware with no credit check makes the great choice to choose. Let’s us give you two options to consider here.

townhouse in Delaware with no credit check

1224 N Tatnall St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Built on 1,475 square feet of land, this home building looks big enough for the even single family to live in. Not to mention, it has a pretty charming look on as Midtown Brandywine townhome. It’s fun look is also contributed by it being built on a tree lined street. Just some blocks from it, the road leads us to beautiful park and river as well. Don’t miss it!

Designed with red brick and cream walls as well as big glass windows and single glass door, this home should offer you airy and roomy space to live inside. Speaking about the interior of this rented townhouse in Delaware with no credit check, you do get large space from it. With big glass windows, you can enjoy spacious rooms with open concept.

You will find the concept being used in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. This kind of houses for rent in Delaware with no credit check is unique and just enjoyable to live in. You get things, like washer and dryer in the basement. There are even gas heat and 2 AC units for you to use. Of course, this home building is rented with already some furniture in.

The furniture includes the couch, dining room table, and kitchen table. Also, the owner of the home allows the tenants to keep pets, like cats and small dogs in. Rented around $1,295 per month, this living space is just really worth to consider. With one bathroom and two bedrooms in, you can bring the single family to have a pleasant stay in Wilmington area of the city.

Wilmington Delaware townhouse for rent

118 W 13th St, Wilmington, DE 19801

The second option we have here would also make one of the best Delaware townhomes for rent with no credit check. Just like the first one above, this home building is characterized being joined to another house next to it. It has red brick and pale white walls with vertically long glass windows and one glass door. Just what do you think you can expect from it?

Built on 50 square feet of land, this townhome still counts as pleasant space to live in the city. This colonial-looking home is charming on its look. Situated in the heart of Wilmington, you will get easy access to many public places, like the hospital, the restaurant, etc. This Wilmington Delaware townhouse for rent makes a convenient place to stay in the city.

houses for rent in Delaware with no credit check

Although it has no garage to park your car in, you can still do so on the street. In fact, you can get in and out from the car easily if you park it right in front of the building. Inside the house, you can be sure to expect at least one bathroom. It is not only that. There are as much as three bedrooms to use as well, making it great to choose for the at least 4-member family to live in.

With what you get there, how much do you think this kind of houses for rent in Delaware with no credit check would cost you? Paying the price in cash has always been the convenient way of payment instead of using the credit check. So, if you are interested in this home, be sure to prepare money at least $950 per month so that you can stay at ease in Wilmington, DE.

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