2 Simple yet Amazing Homes for Rent in New Orleans Gentilly Area Worth to Choose

Have you been browsing through here and there to find the best house to rent? In order to find the best one of all, you have no choice but to make much consideration. It is if you want to get the best deal possible. Well, if you are confused as to what to choose, let us tell you 2 homes for rent in New Orleans Gentilly Area here below. They might look simple at first, but are amazingly high to consider.

homes for rent in New Orleans Gentilly Area

House #1 – 3913 Franklin Ave, New Orleans, LA 70122

The first house we have here pretty much has the look of family house with porch and terrace. It is quite a big living space with vast enough yard in front of the house. Measuring as much as 800 square feet, this home makes beautiful space to live with around 4 members of family. With such land and building, you get 1 bath and 2 beds inside it. It should be enough for small member of the household.

This Gentilly New Orleans house for rent also has a nice look from the front. Colored in grayish green and white, this home would make a matching look with nature outside. So, you get a nice-looking exterior look from this townhouse type. If you have a car with you and plan to bring it there too while you stay, you will have to park it on the street.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to be kept in the house while you live there. Even this kind of homes for rent in New Orleans Gentilly Area has some rules you need to follow. You don’t have to worry, though. If you rent this house, there is no need for you to pay for the trash, sewer, and water for they will be paid by the owner of the house.

What you need to pay while you stay there is only the electricity and nothing more than that besides the rental cost. How much do we have to pay for the rental then? Rest assured! This townhouse we have here only charged you as much as $950 per month. Compared to other rented house, this one makes quite a sweet deal that you should not miss at all.

New Orleans house for rent in Gentilly

House #2 – 4484 Lafaye St, New Orleans, LA 70122

The second rented home in Gentilly New Orleans we have here is very much high to consider as well. It is single family house too with smaller porch and terrace. However, it is one with clean lawn in the front yard of the house and stairs that lead the front door to the street in front. Measuring as much as 1,800 square feet, it is bigger space to live.

Inside, you will get 2 baths and 3 beds. What’s great is that this New Orleans house for rent in Gentilly is offered as a home with separate office. You have the space to work there. Well, you can always use it as separate bedroom if you want too. This very room is attached to the lower level bedroom inside the house. How about the car parking?

You don’t have to worry. This house offers open, off-street space for that even if it has no garage. At least, your car will not be in the way unlike if you park it on the street. Also, this house has BBQ area in its backyard. When you do have leisure time to spend with your family, you can enjoy cooking and eat barbeque together and have quality time together. You don’t always find such deal, you see.

The location of the house itself is said to be near schools, shopping malls/markets, and public transportation as well, making it perfect place to live. With this much of things to offer, you can’t possibly expect it to be cheap. However, this kind of homes for rent in New Orleans Gentilly Area is still offered at reasonable price. The cost would be around $1,475 per month. It sure is worth to pick.

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