25 Amazing Tree Houses in Texas for Vacations

Tree homes are not only for kids anymore. These types of whimsical constructions are mainstream features at lodgings all over the world. Tree homes and cabins could even be found the following in Tx and various in the Hill Country. Have these nine fun tree homes and cabins, for example.

1. The Tree House at Davis Ranch Retreat

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Featured on Pet Planet’s “Tree House Master’s” in 2013, this comfort spa room is the latest addition to the Davis Ranch Retreat situated in Waelder, Tx. According to with their website, you can, “routine a therapeutic massage with one of our four certified therapeutic massage therapists who are on call… take benefit of the vapor shower, filled with lamps and music… or simply take a seat on the porch and revel in the quiet, calming noises of the ‘country.’” To find out more visit davisranchretreat.com.

2. Rio Frio Lodging

This famous and unique real estate is a must-visit! Resolved along the Frio River, and 11 kilometers North of Garner Condition Recreation area, you can enjoy magnificent sunsets by the Treetop Deck nestled in a huge cypress tree. As well as enjoy one of the numerous interesting patios & decks.

3. Lost Bird Cabins

lost bird cabins, hill country,


Located around Lake Travis, this relaxed eclectic getaway is filled with lively decoration and creative vibes. It’s Hill Country hospitality matches south-of-the-border pizzazz. Check out austincabinrentals.com to make bookings.

4. Cypress Valley Canopy Tours


Using their website, “A night in the trees will be one you remember. Our tree house is nestled high up in beautiful cypress trees and shrubs where you can pay attention to the night sounds of our marvelous ravine, watch the fireflies dance, and slumber peacefully in your treetop haven.” Visit cypressvalleycanopytours.com to make reservations.

5. Austin Road Retreat

This Fredericksburg-based bed and breakfast can be a genuine historical home built by European settlers over a hundred years ago. Restored with modern amenities, nowadays there are five unique suites to choose from. Find out about this historical and wonderful retreat at austinstreetretreat.com.

6. Laity Lodge

A welcoming retreat from the business of each day life, Laity Lodge is a haven for creatives or lovers seeking to get away. Visit laitylodge.org to find out more.

7. Hideout on the Horseshoe Cabins

The perfect mixture of nature and comfort, these waterfront cabins are luxurious and scenic. On the famous HorseShoe Loop and ten minutes from Downtown Historic Gruene. Have a look at stayandfloat.com.

8. Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort

Luxury meets custom on the Twice S Ranch. Amidst the Pines and the Cedars is situated the superbly designed cabins of Deer Lake. Have a look at deerlakecabins.com.

9. The Cabins at Balmorhea Condition Park

Find rest from the high desert warmth at the world’s largest spring-fed pool. Swim, scuba dive, or simply relax under the trees and shrubs at this historical recreation area in arid Western Texas, then relax in another of the available cabins. Have a look at their website at tpwd.tx.gov.

So, whether high atop the trees and shrubs or nestled along a river, there are endless options for your Hill Country lodging needs.

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These 5 Treehouses In Tx WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH An Unforgettable Experience

You understand you skip the past of holding key conferences in the awesome kid’s treehouse just after college, showing some gummy bears and actions numbers, and watching the clouds pass outside. Well, you will relieve some of these memories if you would like and create some new ones at these amazing treehouses located the following in Texas!

River Street Treehouses (New Braunfels)

You can choose from six different treehouses to remain at here, that are mounted on large hardwood trees located directly on the stunning Guadalupe River. You will see total serenity among the 80 feet cypress trees and shrubs and the soothing seasonal creek running right through the property.

Cypress Valley Canopy Trips Treehouses (Spicewood)

“The Lofthaven” is one particular of the treehouses at Cypress Area Canopy Travels, with a historical cypress tree growing through the middle. That is more of a comfortable treehouse designed for an enchanting getaway, as it sleeps two easily. This treetop sanctuary is situated just above the peaceful ravine below, and a bridge also links you to your bathhouse.


“The Nest” has enough space for your family, with two rooms, a spacious lounge for family video games or some silent reading, and a dining area for meals. You get the perfect view of the creek next to a little waterfall, and a bridge goes to an exclusive bathhouse with a shower/shower. There’s even another shower to get cleaned off within the beautiful night time sky! It sleeps up to six, so bring all of your fams here for the next vacation!
Frio River Treetop, Rio Frio Lodging (close to Leakey)

Located high on the Frio River, this 1966 square foot treetop haven comfortably sleeps up to 14 people!


The spacious interior of the tree house.


Another spectacular look at of the treehouse with the superior waters of the Frio below.
Treehouse at Scenic Hill Holidays (Brenham)


This totally furnished treehouse in depth in the woods is a superb spot just to unwind and escape true to life for a time.
Treehouse at Davis Ranch Retreat (Waelder)

This cute little treehouse serves as a spa as of this beautiful central Texas retreat. Discuss some serious R&R…I’d book a vacation within a heartbeat!
Have you any idea of some other ridiculously cool treehouses I will enhance the list?

As the famous line from a Watts.H. Davies composition poignantly highlights, “An unfortunate live this if filled with care/ We’ve virtually no time to stand and stare,” – indeed, life amidst towering concrete, suffocating pollution and the limited scenery is not a poor payment. But, imagine if there’s an opportunity you could get up each day, hearing the chirping of parrots, your dehydrated look quenched simply by abundant greenery, eventually leading you to find life in its truest form?

Have a look at these tree house rentals in Texas, to help make the impossible appear possible, even in this programming world.

1. Casita Roja (THE TINY Red Cabin), Austin, Tx Hill Country


Tree Homes for Lease in Tx Casita Roja Tree Homes in Tx Casita Roja

If you require a short-term retreat to a cavern, a long way away from the din and bustle of lifestyle, and yet given up-to-date amenities, this picturesque tree house should be your selected destination. Looking over a three-tier waterfall, a majestic view of the dense solid wood, and a rustic staircase, it guarantees a detailed association with pristine character.


2. Frio River Treetop, Leakey, Tx Hill Country


Tx Tree House Frio River Tree Top Tree House Accommodations Tx Frio River Treetop

Probably to savor the tranquility of forest with like-minded good friends? Well, this woods home, perched high above the Frio Water and located at Rio Frio Accommodations in Concan, may easily be your decision; up to fourteen people can rest and relax here quite easily. Don’t miss an excellent view of Frio’s dazzling waters and have a drop, if you so wish.


3. Birdseye Perch, New Braunfels, South Texas


Tree House Leases Tx Birdseye Perch Tx Tree House Birdseye Perch

Think about walking gingerly across a footbridge to attain your tree house cabin, while firmly securing to the hands of the one you love; or getting cozy with an intense talk in your private deck, under the amorous tones of gigantic eighty-foot cypress trees and shrubs. Life was resembling a storybook! Therefore, seize a Sunday, and prepare yourself to rediscover your enthusiasm in this tree house. Consider other charms just like a vessel trip on the close by Guadalupe River or a trip to the historic Gruene Hall.


4. Deluxe Tree House, Austin, Tx Hill Country


There is certainly one striking feature concerning this tree house that you cannot possibly ignore – the three-hundred-year-old oak tree around which it’s been built. The other sights are – an awesome rock shower, a courtyard blooming with plants, and a relaxing fountain. Also check out, both popular restaurants in the vicinity if you are an eager foodie.


5. Magical Tree House Cottage, Brenham, Tx Hill Country


Tree House Tx Magical Tree House Cottage Magical Tree House Cottage for Lease in Texas

Imagine if you could all of a sudden awaken one evening to the shrill wailing of the buck, or barking of foxes? You merely need to mind because of this snug tree house, positioned deep in the forest. Additionally, it is fully equipped, so you don’t need to be concerned about the execution of daily needs either. Only take with you with you an adequately working LED torch; in the end, you wouldn’t want to miss spotting a crazy animal, could you?


6. Savannah’s Meadow, Celeste, Tx Hill Country

Tree House Renting Tx Savannah’s Meadow Tree House Tx Savannah’s Meadow

Tired of providing the same routine gifts to your lady? Attempt something amazing and memorable by planning for a week-long visit to the beautiful tree house accommodation, encircled by lavender areas. Here’s what you will find – as you enter leading door, there’s a well-equipped kitchen and an appropriate living area. Then, as you move outdoors left, there’s a dangling walkway. Also, an oak tree will go straight through the guts of the tree house, therefore imparting a sense of character both outside and inside. Plan an early on the visit for a considerable glamping!


7. Lofthaven, Spicewood, Austin, Tx Hill Country

Tree Homes for Lease in Tx Lofthaven Tx Tree House Lofthaven

This sanctuary, nestled comfortably within gigantic cypress trees, includes a fairly round bedroom with a canopy bed, where you will need merely to lie to drift off; a porch, which allows you to have got a breathtaking look at of the ravine below truly and finally there’s an excellent bathhouse. Experience character at its best by soaking in the bathtub loaded with drinking water from the waterfall.

8. Downtown Austin Tree House, Austin, Tx Hill Country


Tree Homes in Tx Downtown Austin Tx Downtown Austin Tree House

You might select this spacious luxury tree house in Shoal Creek if you’ve planned a big vacation. Both the flooring are well managed and have specific decks, looking over the trees and shrubs. There’s also a lot of sitting plans both outside and inside the tree house. Arrange mini celebrations, indulge in sluggish gossips and undisturbed camping, soak in the abundant sunlight and make your stay unforgettable.


9. The Nest, Austin, Tx Hill Country


Tree Homes in Tx the Nest Tree House Rentals Tx the Nest

Standing tall in the center of a deep ravine, this tree house offers of offering its residents the rare opportunity of cleaning off under the blue sky, by dint of its outdoor shower. You may even visit the town of Fredericksburg, located at a 15-minute distance, or go to the vineyards and free galleries close by.

10. Tree House at Davis Ranch Retreat (Waelder), Tx Hill Country

Tx Tree House at Davis Ranch Retreat Waelder Tree House Tx Davis Ranch Retreat

With this luxurious treehouse in Central Texas, you might conveniently derive the advantages of a relaxing massage therapy by a certified therapeutic massage therapist, hum old melodies while bathing in a vapor shower, installed with lights and music, or simply relax on the porch and appreciate the blessings of nature. If time enables, pay a brief trip to the close by city of Smithville in Bastrop Region.


11. Abigaile’s Tree House, East Texas

Tree homes in Tx for Vacations Abigaile’s Tree House

Tree House Accommodations in Tx Abigaile’s Tree House Tx Tree House Abigaile’s Treehouse

At Abigail’s Tree House, situated between Bryan and Heritage Recreation area, you might revitalize yourself by relaxing in its manicured landscapes, luxurious rooms, and get pampered by its superb services.

12. The Tree House Holiday Cabin, Smithville, Texas


Tree Homes in Texas Holiday Cabin Tx Tree House Holiday Cabin

If you wish to have a feel of relaxing country life, then publication this well-kept cabin and appearance forward to endless delights such as relishing exotic foods on the deck, hearing music, and gossiping randomly under the covered porch.

Luxuriating amidst the charms of bountiful character can be an unforgettable experience. And these tree homes for lease in Tx endow us with this opportunity. But we should take care never to pollute or harm these properties when you are careless. In the end, what’s value must be dealt with utmost treatment.

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